•Why We Choose AquaKlear Systems

Our AquaKlear aerobic treatment system is ingenious in concept, yet remarkably simple in execution. It’s the only true “Complete” wastewater treatment system on the market, relying on our signature AquaKlear Clarifying Trio – not internal moving parts – to produce a superior quality effluent that, when released, is an amazing 98.7% cleaner than it was when it entered the system. In fact, the AquaKlear system is so effective, it actually defines industry standards for complete wastewater processing.

Impressive indeed, AquaKlear’s “complete” wastewater water system is the one the other guys wish they had.

•Tiny Bubbles. Faster Rebound.

An important stat for any wastewater treatment, be it septic or aerobic, is the system’s rebound time. That’s the time it takes the entire system to return to optimal operating conditions after experiencing a heavy “shock load” such as the introduction of chemicals from a full day of household cleaning. Thanks to the industry leading design of the AK Bubble Injector, the rebound rate for an AquaKlear system is 24 hours or less.

•Wow, No Moving Parts!

Not all aerobic treatment systems are created equal. Of course, all rely on the injection of oxygen and the build-up of aerobic microbes to treat waste, but unlike most manufacturers, AquaKlear’s treatment systems do so without a single internal moving part. We use air, not complex motor driven aspirated mixers to aerate our systems. The way we see it, the more mechanical or moving parts there are in a system, the more chances those mechanical or moving parts will need to be replaced.

•Easy Access equals Easy Maintenance.

Designed with no internal moving parts, maintenance on an AquaKlear system is made easier. The tanks are inspection and maintenance friendly with all key components easily accessible through ground level access ports. Ask anyone that’s installed or serviced one of our systems. They’ll likely tell you, from a maintenance standpoint, AquaKlear aerobic treatment units are less “hands-in” and more “thumbs-up.”


All extended service plan prices are good for up to 50 miles radius from our office. Additional cost will apply if outside area.