Aquaklear Build Up

This is what the clarifier section of a biologically healthy and properly operated Aquaklear 500F unit looks like. Notice how the water is clear enough to see below the surface. If there is a sludge build up or scum layer on your system, it means the following.

The bacteria, is either dead or in a weakened state due to the use of harsh chemicals of some kind. Aerobic treatment systems regardless of brand cannot maintain the appropriate amount of micro organisms if harsh chemicals are used, in any application. Laundry, house hold cleaning, prescription medications, hair and perm solutions, insecticides from pet bathing, etc. can be a few of the causes of sludge build up, or, erratic water usage.  Water usage in the home needs to be spread out to eliminate large surges in usage. Large surges over load system capacity, and hydraulically push untreated waste, and microorganisms prematurely through the system. This will cause odor and create the need for premature pumping of tank. This creates a nuisance condition and adds to operating cost.

Aquaklear Tree Roots

This photograph is of what the inside of a AK500 F looks like after tree roots have infiltrated. This needs to be closely monitored as it can do severe damage to the tank and internal components. This homeowner was advised to remove trees that were adjacent to where this system had to be installed, because the roots had destroyed his previous tank. He did not comply with our request, and recommendation of both us and Public Health. The result after 11 years is seen above.

Do not plant trees in close proximity to your septic system, tanks, and lines. Irreparable damages can result. 

Warranty, or extended service plans do NOT cover damage done by tree roots.

Empty Septic Tanks

Always keep your septic tank full of water. Never allow a tank to sit in the ground empty. This unit was pumped one week before Christmas. The property owner and tenant were on site during the pump out and was advised to immediately refill the unit to avoid floatation. This was what we saw when we got the call two days later. This was a very unnecessary and expensive repair that should not have had to happen, and created an unnecessary emergency. Empty septic tanks; concrete and fiberglas can float if left empty in the ground. There is no such thing as a septic tank that is not “full.”